Schneider Electric joins forces with Fortinet partnership

Schneider Electric joins forces with Fortinet partnership

Schneider Electric and Fortinet have combined their resources to form a partnership intended to provide cybersecurity solutions. The aim is to address the unique needs of operational technology networks.

The terms of this agreement indicate that Schneider Electric will integrate Fortinet’s firewalls, offer device protection solutions, secure access, and bring cybersecurity solutions to ensure that customers can protect their digital operations for those working from home.

Jay Abdallah, the vice-president of Cybersecurity services at Schneider, says that businesses have to address the issue of cybersecurity at all levels of their operations. They also have to ensure that they are up-to-date on all security measures.

Digital technologies need solutions

By continually taking advantage of new digital technologies to get more value for their operations, businesses have to realize that they are opening themselves to new threats.

The best way for businesses to stay ahead on security is by addressing the cybersecurity risks and implementing the best solutions tailored to their specific environments and needs.

Schneider Electric and Fortinet will bring together their technologies, experience, and expertise to develop and deploy custom solutions. Abdallah continues to say that this will enable the digital transformations of their customers to happen smoothly.

A significant partnership

Threat vectors are changing by the hour. There is always something new out there. In recent reports, increases in cyberattacks number in the thousands. The risks are dynamic, and for that reason, the solutions have to be tailored to tackle each threat head-on, with an effective strategy.

Rick Peter, the chief information security officer for operational technology at Fortinet, affirms that the joint venture will enable innovation and unlock advantages connected to IoT devices.

The partnership of industry leaders is sure to bring about significant change.