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GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft, has announced a public beta of a GitHub integration for Microsoft Teams. The beta means that developers on GitHub now can add the GitHub app to Microsoft Teams, the same way that they have been able to do with Slack.

GitHub and Slack came together back in 2018 to bring GitHub to Slack and make it easier for teams to track their GitHub projects, using Slack.

The integration, which is maintained by GitHub, has functionality that’s similar to the Slack integration but specific for Teams. GitHub said that the integration for Microsoft Teams gives users and their teams full visibility of GitHub projects.

Complete visibility and collaboration

With this tool, GitHub teams can come up with ideas, discuss them, and collaborate with ease, using Teams. That way, the projects can move forward at a much faster pace.

GitHub users can install the preview app from the Microsoft Teams app store. By linking their GitHub and Teams accounts and authenticating to GitHub with the sign-in command, they can access everything they are working on with ease.

They can now track and create new commits, deal with issues, give updates, comments, pull requests, and do code review.

More Features

Among the features is an ‘unfurl’ function that allows GitHub links to show more information before clicking and know at a glance where the link would lead to. The app groups notifications for issues and pull requests on a parent card as replies.

The card shows the latest shared issues and a title, those assigned to a task, checks, and labels.

The 30 million developers who use GitHub will most likely benefit from the collaboration that comes with the integration. Those who rely on Teams will find it easy to get things done faster.