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Microsoft has added a new feature to Teams to suppress background noise during video calls better. The software also receives the ability to send notifications to the built-in notification features in Windows 10 and macOS.

Now that many people are working from home because of the corona pandemic, video calling has returned to the spotlight. However, it’s not uncommon to see, and especially hear, children playing in the background, trains passing by and neighbours renovating their houses.

Artificial intelligence

To better suppress background noise, Microsoft uses artificial intelligence. The feature, dubbed ‘AI-based noise suppression’, analyses the sound picked up by the microphone using a neural network to filter out unwanted noise and only leave the user’s voice.

The feature is an addition to the existing noise suppression capabilities in Teams. It can be activated by setting the noise suppression level to ‘High’. The feature will be available in Teams in November.

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System native notifications

In addition to the improved noise suppression, Microsoft adds support to native notifications to Teams. If users enable the feature, new messages will be shown in the notification centre of their computers.

Support for native notifications is available to Apple users from October. Windows 10 users will receive the feature in November.

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