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The new feature allows up to 61 participants.

Avaya has announced this week that Avaya Spaces, their all-in-one video collaboration app, has added new capabilities including a 61-particpant “concert” view.  This view has the primary speaker displayed large in the center, surrounded by up to 60 other participants.

The Concert view feature is ideal for all-hands or town hall meetings, according to Avaya.

Avaya Spaces centralizes voice, video, messaging, chat and task management but competes in a crowded market that includes competitors such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco’s WebEx and Verizon’s BlueJeans.

“Today’s business environment has reshaped how organizations, customers and individuals work and collaborate no matter where teams are located,” said Anthony Bartolo, Avaya’s EVP and Chief Product Officer. “But it is not enough to just remote-enable people, we need to create the new future of work,” he added.

“With the new capabilities of Avaya Spaces, we continue to evolve with our customers ensuring our portfolio responds to environmental shifts and offers real solutions to real problems across any industry.”

Other enhancements are also now available

The company has also added enhanced video layouts with flexibility to accommodate different meeting types such as panel discussions, training, project planning and interviews.

Avaya has also modernized their collaboration control to accommodate various use cases. For example, a teacher can enable students to post completed assignments or chat outside of class time, or turn-off capabilities eliminating distractions.

The company also unveiled what they call “intelligent moderation” features. These include smart mute, host control of participant cameras and microphones, and “raise hand” features for effective management of sessions to minimize disruptions while maintaining whatever level of interactivity the meeting host desires.

“With the new capabilities of Avaya Spaces, we continue to evolve with our customers,” said Bartolo. “Avaya is uniquely positioned to deliver innovation for workstream collaboration that achieves meaningful and significant business outcomes for organizations of all sizes.”

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