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Asana, a provider of team management software, announced a new suite of features on Wednesday. The new suite is aimed at the elimination of distributed work distractions and helping employees stay focused on what they are tasked with.

The new capabilities have a live video communication integration powered by Vimeo, which lets employees record and send short videos of themselves or their workstation screens directly without leaving the Asana app to do so. The company is proposing that video messaging will be a great way to reduce the number of meetings that people attend daily.

There’s more

The service is not limited to just video. It is also capable of producing searchable video transcripts automatically. There is also a prioritization system, a new Asana desktop app, and a smart calendar assistant.

The ‘My Tasks’ function has been reworked and now features an intelligent prioritization system that lets users arrange their schedules and work in Kanban. The system’s capabilities go further and list calendar versions of personal tasks, using urgency as the basis for arrangement. The smart calendar assistant comes from integration with Clockwise to let users schedule tasks into focus time while still in the Asana app.

Asana is growing

Asana’s new desktop app is now available for both Mac and Windows users. It now has Dark Mode among the accessibility features for those who want to use the app without having to deal with the glare of a brightly lit screen all day. The Dark Mode is not just about making the screen less bright. It also quiets the notifications so they are not so jarring when they arrive.

Asana has been working to scale up, launching Asana Automation in 2019, opening offices in Tokyo, launched Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams, and now has more than 100 integrations with leading enterprise vendors.