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Trust has announced its IRIS webcam. It is a webcam intended for use in office spaces. The camera is plug & play and offers some smart features for video calls.

IRIS is equipped with a 4K camera with wide-angle lens and can automatically zoom in on the person who is talking. Furthermore, the webcam is equipped with speakers that are, according to Trust, ‘optimised for speech’. Of course, there is also a built-in microphone, which should suppress surrounding noises with the help of noise cancellation. The device is plug & play, which means that no extra drivers need to be installed.

Cheaper alternative

Trust seems to want to distinguish itself from its competitors, mainly in the area of price. The recommended retail price of 799 euros is not cheap, but it is cheaper than comparable solutions by Logitech or Poly. The Trust IRIS will be available on March 22nd in the UK, Germany and Italy. Other European countries follow later this spring.

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Changing the way millions of people work

“The corona virus has changed the way millions of people around the world work. You could see this almost immediately in the sales figures for webcams,” says Kom Koers, Marketing Director at Trust. “Of course, these changes also affected our own business, so we started researching how people would work and communicate in the long term. This showed that designing a new product for the office would be a logical step: IRIS. This camera will ensure that video conferences become almost as personal as meetings in a traditional conference room.”

New and contemporary way of working

“Many entrepreneurs are adapting their business to this new and contemporary way of working. Even if employees partially return to the office, many of them will work from home much more often than before. For many IT managers and office managers, this will be a challenge,” said Craig Hill, head of B2B at Trust. “However, Trust offers a solution. With our products, we want to help companies keep their meetings at a safe distance while maintaining a personal touch. High-quality equipment is essential for this, but at the same time, we believe that it should be accessible to every company, large or small. That is why the IRIS is both efficient and affordable. The camera is ready to use within minutes and you decide whether you want to use Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or another video conferencing application. It’s simply very simple!”

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