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Zscaler introduces Zero Trust SASE

Zscaler introduces Zero Trust SASE

The new service should ensure that businesses face less cyber risk. It also promises to reduce the complexity of traditional SD-WAN. To this end, it is simultaneously introducing the Zero Trust SD-WAN solution.

Zscaler applies a zero-trust architecture to its new products. As a result, anything that tries to connect to a network and systems is first authenticated. Policies determine whether a user or device is granted access. Zscaler sees significant problems with traditional network and firewall architectures. They “introduce risk and complexity, and enable lateral threat movement,” to use Zscaler’s words. Cybercriminals take advantage of this when executing ransomware attacks.

Een diagram dat de verschillende soorten netwerkarchitecturen toont.

The new product is based on Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange. This platform protects staff, customers and partners. It also features security mechanisms to protect server traffic. The platform uses an AI engine to assess user and device risks continuously.

Tip: Zscaler expands Zero Trust Exchange with Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust SASE

Zero Trust SASE combines a Security Service Edge platform with the Zero Trust SD-WAN solution. This should keep all sites and users protected. Zero Trust SD-WAN provides secure inbound and outbound zero-trust connectivity. Zscaler says that no routing complexity is involved for this. Moreover, additional firewalls are not required, and companies do not need to set separate policies for locations and users.

Organizations connect users and devices to apps through a proxy. They then apply artificial intelligence to detect cyber threats and protect data. The platform relies on firewall as a service (FWaaS), secure web gateway, cloud access security broker (CASB) and data loss prevention (DLP).