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Finnish telecom equipment manufacturer Nokia announced on Monday that it is partnering with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google, to develop new 5G radio solutions based in the cloud.

The goal of this partnership, according to three separate statements made by the company, is to develop new business cases. In a statement, Tommi Uitto, the president of Mobile Networks at Nokia, promoted open collaboration in development.

High-value use cases

Uitto said that collaboration can lead to the development of new and innovative high-value 5G use cases that will offer customers the tools they need to be a part of the digital transformation. Nokia shares were up by 4% in Helsinki at 1300 GMT.

With Google Cloud, the partnership focuses on Nokia’s RAN, Cloud RAN, Open RAN, and edge cloud technologies with Google’s edge platform and apps.

Among the planned activities include integrating Nokia’s 5G vDU and 5G vCU with Anthos. Nokia’s 5G standalone network (with 5G core and vCU) will also be tested on Anthos among other goals.

What about Microsoft and AWS?

The collaboration with Microsoft will bring together Cloud RAN tech to Microsoft Azure’s ecosystem and cloud-based services. The project will go through three stages that involve the integration of all the aforementioned RAN iterations with Azure Private Edge Zone

There will also be a 5G RAN integration with Azure 4G/5G core to show support for enterprise use cases.

With AWS, the integration is even more detailed and complex, involving outcomes like Nokia using services like Amazon EKS, Amazon EC2 among other planned integration. What they are doing is essentially related with some variations depending on the cloud service provider.