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Nokia has introduced a number of standalone 5G solutions that allow companies to set up their own private networks. This enables them to make better use of the benefits of 5G for their own environments.

The presented standalone 5G solutions (5G SA) are particularly suitable for the development of private networks for companies. Companies can use these fast connections with their own reserved spectrum, for their industrial processes or Industry 4.0 equipment. They can then fully benefit from the low latency and high capacity that 5G offers. This is particularly suitable for the automotive or mining industries.

Two possibilities

Nokia enables companies that want a 5G SA network to implement this network via the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud platform or via the Nokia Modular Private Wireless solution.

The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud platform is a plug-and-play solution that allows customers to deploy a compact server onsite with a built-in application platform. The Nokia Modular Private Wireless solution gives end users more space to customize their own networks.

Update 4.9G/LTE network

Nokia has also made improvements to its 4.9G/LTE portfolio. Newly added functionality includes the first Band 87 (410 MHz) radio that enables more coverage for private mobile and IoT networks. The bandwidth of TD-LTE config 0 Uplink has also been increased. This provides a better uplink for video and machine-based private wireless applications. Furthermore, the new functionality supports 4.9G/LTE slicing for private wireless solutions. This makes it possible to assign virtual end-to-end slices. This allows companies to better perform on their KPIs for specific use cases.

5G-NSA is a solution that uses 5G for the downlink and 4G/LTE for the uplink. Its a hybrid form that can be applied to telecom networks that are already deployed.


The Finnish mobile network supplier sees immense potential in the 5G NSA solutions. Nokia currently has more than 180 business customers with a private mobile network solution and provides 5G services to thirty customers.

The commercial roll-out of 5G SA with Digital Automation Cloud will become available in September of this year. The 5G SA solutions with Modular Private Access will be available in the first quarter of 2021.

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