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Intel is ready to reunify its desktop and mobile product line as Alder Lake comes to the high-end desktop line and the entire chip stack.

The 11th-Gen Core processors

Intel announced a brand new line of 11th-Gen Core processors for laptops and desktop offerings at this year’s virtual CES conference. It also revealed the upcoming 12th-Gen processors and hinted that “they are just on the horizon.”

With a heightened focus on implementing our core products across our extensive portfolio, we’re introducing a range of leadership products at CES,” says the executive, Gregory Bryand.

11th Gen Intel Core H35 Series for gamers

Chipzilla is set to introduce two more variations of Core i7 Special Edition H35, targeted at gaming laptops. The Tiger Lake edition (10nm) with 5GHz clock speed, 4 Willow Cove cores, and 4 PCIe interfaces are anticipated to arrive in over 40 laptop designs from different suppliers such as ASUS, Vaio, MSI, and Acer.

Chipzilla also reported that these new technologies would delight gamers, and an “unnamed” competitor (AMD) will not match this massive performance.

The 11th-Gen Core i7

  • X graphics
  • Base speed of 2.9GHz with the turbo mode reaching 4.6GHz
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 12MB cache

The 11th-Gen Core i5

  • X graphics
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 12MB cache
  • Base speed of 2.9GHz with the turbo mode of up to 4.6GHz

Intel has also teased about its Rocket lake and Alder Lake processors that will be the next in line as the 11th-Gen Core i9 series. This desktop-centric offering is expected to be out in the market by the second half of 2021.