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Monday.com, a project management software startup, announced on Tuesday the launch of monday workdocs, a new capability for its software suite organizations can use to collaborate within documents. Monday.com provides what it calls a work operating system (WorkOS).

Organizations can leverage it to build a unique setup to manage every aspect of their work and power collaboration within teams.

Now, teams can bring the customizable project management integrations directly into documents in real-time and without lags, no matter how many people are editing the document. Customers can share their work, ideas, and data without structure while connected to the WorkOS.


Tal Haramati, the tech lead of Monday.com said that the company knows that work for teams can start in different ways. It could be structured, like a board, or collaborative, like brainstorming.

Once the document launches, multiple collaborators can access the endless blank canvas to start typing and manage work. Traditional collaborative word processors like Google Docs focus only on the words. However, workdocs integrates all Monday.com’s ecosystem, including chats, boards, real-time charts, dashboards, and other collaborative features.

That means the teams can use workdocs documents to start a collaboration, connect them to other documents, create and resolve items, ping other members, and more.

The next natural step

Workdocs is also capable of automatic updates when integrated third-party widgets’ source data change in real-time. That means that collaborators can watch data flow in as they work, without needing to worry about refreshing or re-uploading the document.

Haramati sees Workdocs are the next natural step for empowering actionable teamwork in WorkOS.

Teams of any size can use the platform as a blank canvas to get the ideas started and turn plans into actions. Document collaboration can help get things done and WorkOS may be the way to do it.