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Poly and Appspace enable the deployment of digital signage on videoconferencing systems. In doing so, they aim to allow companies to always keep their employees informed of the latest company news.

Specifically, the collaboration between the two parties focuses on enabling digital signage messaging via Poly’s video conferencing devices. This allows companies to communicate with their employees and keep them updated on the latest company news. The latter should ultimately improve communication and collaboration in the workplace, especially when employees return to the office.


Specifically, Appspace’s digital signage technology integrates with various Poly video conferencing systems running on the Poly Video OS. Specifically, this includes Poly Studio X Series systems, the Poly Studio X30, X50, X70, and the Poly G7500 video conferencing devices that already have an Appspace subscription. These devices will easily connect to various Appspace channels managed through the cloud-based Poly Lens management service.


With the integration, companies can, among other things, turn on Appspace’s digital signage services with a few clicks and deploy them through Poly Lens. It will also be possible to show messages between video meetings, generate more interaction through clearly displayed instructions or content for employees — such as safety alerts — and be able to manage all digital signage from a central environment.

In addition, according to both vendors, the tool should also offer capabilities beyond digital signage. Customers can expand their Appspace subscription to include meeting room reservation functionality, more templates, and links to a dedicated mobile application for employees.