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New Integrations deliver deep insights into Microsoft Teams and Zoom and provide enhanced Microsoft 365 Support

Zscaler announced the release of their enhanced Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX). The solution boasts new Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) application monitoring and digital workflow service integrations. These will automatically pinpoint and quickly remediate performance issues, the company says.

The new enhancements aim to employee collaboration and productivity. ZDX is an integrated service on Zscaler’s cloud-native Zero Trust Exchange,. It provides unified visibility into user, connection and cloud app telemetry data to isolate and resolve user experience issues. The new integrations now enable security, networking, and help desk teams to work together, Zscaler promises. This will help to efficiently triage Microsoft Teams and Zoom quality issues, decrease resolution times, and optimize employee productivity.

Resolving issues with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Dhawal Sharma, VP Products, Zscaler., explained the reasoning behind the release. “IT teams cannot provide a great user experience and proactively resolve UCaaS performance issues if they are unable to see or measure telemetry between employees and critical applications, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom,” said

“Zscaler Digital Experience addresses the three biggest challenges that prevent seamless collaboration for the hybrid workforce,” Sharma added. These are siloed user data, limited legacy monitoring tools, and a lack of analytics and workflows.

Today’s cloud-first workforce rely on fast, secure connectivity and seamless collaboration experiences to maintain high productivity, Zscaler says.

It is thus critical for IT teams to be able to quickly pinpoint performance issues on unified communications services. Enterprises that lack proper UCaaS monitoring capabilities will need to adopt new tools, Zscaler says. These should be specifically designed to manage workforce communications without sacrificing performance.

ZDX operates as a unified service on the Zscaler platform,. It enables IT and security teams to proactively troubleshoot network and call quality problems. It does this across multiple business-critical SaaS apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

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