HelpSystems announces the acquisition of Terranova Security

HelpSystems announces the acquisition of Terranova Security

HelpSystems is acquiring Terranova Security for enhancing training solutions.

HelpSystems has announced the acquisition of Terranova Security to boost the training offerings around phishing. Terranova Security offers global phishing simulation and safety awareness training programs in nearly 40 languages.

This method allows all firms to improve staff cyberattack protection skills and reduce the likelihood of phishing attacks succeeding. It also adds a proven training security awareness solution to HelpSystems’ comprehensive security portfolio, complementing email security services from Clearswift and PhishLabs.

The benefits of Terranova’s acquisition

By acquiring Terranova Security, HelpSystems ensures that training is part of that more comprehensive security mix. Terranova Security already uses the results to drive additional training for users.

It uses the results to help users get better at recognizing scams and improve their knowledge. It could use its expertise there to enable Terranova Security to widen the scope of its training.

While cybersecurity tools need to do better when it comes to detecting attacks, users also need to play their part. But, to help them do that, training has to educate and create better awareness. It will be interesting to see how HelpSystems integrates Terranova Security with its existing tools.

Will we see a greater push by HelpSystems to raise the awareness and benefits of training across its customer base? Although phishing assaults aren’t new, the industry has experienced a significant increase in their popularity due to the growth of remote workforces, which has resulted in increasingly sophisticated and audacious attempts.

HelpSystems CEO’s stance

Kate Bolseth, CEO, HelpSystems:

“Organizations in every vertical are learning that developing a cyber-aware culture is one of the best ways to prevent attacks and the downstream damage they can cause.”

She further added:

“Terranova Security’s global reach and gamification techniques truly set them apart. Additionally, their record in training users to fend off attacks is exceptional, and we believe their knowledge and capabilities will enable our customers to excel in this as well. They are a welcome addition to the HelpSystems family.”