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Slack added functionality to conferencing service Slack Huddles Call participants now have access to video and screen sharing.

Slack’s strategy revolves around software that replaces office functions. Slack Huddles is an important component. The conferencing tool focuses on short meetings. According to Slack, platforms like Zoom and Webex remain more effective for long conferences.

Slack Huddles was initially developed to replace quick office conversations among colleagues. Video isn’t supported. An upcoming update changes things. Huddle meetings still start with audio-only, but a camera feed can be activated with a single click.

Screen sharing

In addition, users will be able to share screens with other participants, comment through emojis and share documents, links and comments. Comments are displayed in a thread that can be automatically saved for later reference.

The new functionality will be available to every end user by the end of this year, regardless of subscription. The functionality is compatible with Slack Connect.

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