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The new offering aims at assisting network operators to effectively store and process business data. The launch of the Telecom Data Cloud marks the latest in a series of industry-focused solutions that Snowflake has introduced in recent quarters.

The cloud data platform provider has previously launched comparable solutions for healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing companies. Snowflake’s industry-specific solutions combine its flagship cloud data platform with third-party software tools, datasets, and consulting services from its partners.

For each industry, it targets a unique combination of third-party products. The Telecom Data Cloud includes software tools from more than a half-dozen partners, such as ThoughtSpot, a venture-backed startup that provides an analytics platform, and CartoDB, which does business as Carto, a location intelligence platform.

Telecom Data Cloud carriers can use ThoughtSpot’s software to visualize their business data

The data is stored in Snowflake, allowing users to run queries to identify useful patterns. Additionally, they can leverage Carto’s software to create maps that visualize geospatial data, such as the location of cell towers.

Partners such as Amazon Web Services, Salesforce.com, Informatica, Flywheel Software, TransUnion, and OneWeb also support the Telecom Data Cloud. Moreover, Snowflake’s new offering includes third-party datasets, which carriers can combine with their internal business information to support analytics initiatives.

The Telecom Data Cloud provides access to datasets from Flywheel Software and TransUnion. OneWeb, also a Snowflake customer, generates 55 billion rows of data per day from its internet satellite constellation.

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Snowflake adds to its portfolio with this new offering

Phil Kippen, Snowflake’s global head of industry for telecom, said: “The next wave of growth and innovation in the telecommunications industry will undoubtedly be powered by data and requires collaboration across businesses and industries.”

Kippen added that the Telecom Data Cloud creates one unified platform, enabling secure data collaboration by connecting telecommunications service providers with a rich ecosystem of applications, data, and technology partners.

Snowflake already has a significant presence in the telecommunications sector, with major carriers such as AT&T and Vodafone Group using the company’s cloud data platform, among other market players.