Pliops XDP gives optimal performance to Oracle MySQL Enterprise

Pliops XDP gives optimal performance to Oracle MySQL Enterprise

Pliops has optimized its Extreme Data Processor (XDP) for Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition. For this, the optimization provides better performance and efficiency capabilities, as well as improved data resiliency.

The collaboration between Pliops and Oracle should solve a number of challenges for efficient database management without requiring companies to make additional investments in their (on-premises) infrastructure.

The challenges are primarily improved performance and improved “data-resiliency” for end users running their database environments in on-premises environments.

XDP processor and Oracle MySQL

The Pliops XDP processor is now optimized specifically for the Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition release. Specifically, the XDP processor is a PCIe-based card that can be placed inside any server and works with any SSD storage.

This processor’s “data-shaping” technology manages an end-to-end data flow between the Oracle MySQL database software and local storage. The processor helps solve inefficient storage problems using specialized algorithms. This should ultimately speed up database performance and scale up more. It also provides more performance reliability through, for example, integrated RAID5 data protection and increased usable capacity.

Testing with combination with Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition shows that the Pliops XDP processor offers up to more that three times better TPS performance. This compared to using MySQL Community Edition without the processor. It also requires no changes to the Oracle MySQL software on the server.

Other functionality

Other functionality offered by the combined application include faster and more consistent database performance, capabilities for twice as many users and instances per node with latency reduction by half, and up to six times more usable database capacity.

Ultimately, the Pliops and Oracle application should also deliver a lower TCO, meaning lower usage costs for businesses. Current users of Oracle MySQL can use the XDP application directly, reducing their database costs.

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