Oracle’s new MySQL analytics tool doesn’t need data warehouse

Oracle’s new MySQL analytics tool doesn’t need data warehouse

Oracle has announced a new service for analyzing data in an SQL database. The MySQL Database Service with the MySQL Analytics Engine should enable much higher speeds by connecting directly to a MySQL database.

According to Oracle, the direct integration with MySQL ensures that the MySQL Analytics Engine is 2.7 times faster than AWS Redshift while costing only a third of the competitive product.

Data warehouse

Usually, developers must first move data to a data warehouse before it can be analysed. This results in higher costs and longer response times. By skipping the step, analytics can be performed in real-time, said Edward Screven, chief corporate architect at Oracle.

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MySQL Analytics Engine

MySQL Analytics Engine will become part of Oracle’s MySQL Database Service. This database service allows customers in the cloud to manage MySQL databases. Maintenance tasks such as patching software, scaling up server capacity and performing backups are taken care of by Oracle. The service offers support for both Online Transaction Processing and (OLTP) and Online Analytics Processing (OLAP).

The new service is available immediately in all regions where Oracle Cloud or Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer are active.

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