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New capabilities are coming to Salesforce’s integration platform to support the work of developers and business teams.

Mulesoft plans to do this with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). With IDP, companies can quickly extract data from documents and structure that data to link the data to other systems. It also allows them to simplify processes such as supplier onboarding and order fulfillment. IDP uses algorithms to extract data from various formats, such as PDFs and images, two sources where there is unstructured data.

By structuring the information, it can be integrated with Salesforce Clouds, Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, and Mulesoft RPA. In addition, IDP provides templates for purchase orders and invoices, which eliminates workaround document training. Human reviews for extraction can be built in to verify the AI’s output.


Salesforce’s AI engine, Einstein, is involved in IDP. It can extract data from unstructured sources with a prompt, eliminating the need to train targeted AI models and document templates. Einstein in IDP also allows for formatting responses in JSON outputs and summarizing and classifying documents.

The AI engine will additionally become more helpful in Flow solutions. Salesforce administrators can use a prompt to have Einstein create a workflow. For example, they can ask to create marketing journeys and Data Cloud-triggered flows using CRM data from Salesforce.

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