Cloudian object storage platform now also suitable for camera surveillance

Cloudian object storage platform now also suitable for camera surveillance

The object storage platform of storage specialist Cloudian is now also optimised to store the increasing volumes of data coming from surveillance cameras. The storage specialist has entered into a cooperation with the Xprotect software supplier of open IP video system specialist Milsestone Systems.

According to Cloudian, the number of security cameras is increasing considerably. As a result, the owners of these cameras are increasingly confronted with the complexity of bringing all the images or data together at a central point for analysis. In addition, the amount of image data also increases due to higher resolutions. Also, users have to keep this data longer and longer due to legislation and regulations. This ultimately leads to significantly higher storage costs, according to the parties.

Collecting high data volumes

In concrete terms, the new collaboration between the storage specialist and the IP video specialist means that end users of Milestone Systems’ XProtect software can now use Cloudian’s object storage platform to handle high data volumes at a much lower cost than traditional storage solutions that are currently in circulation.

Cloudian’s platform offers a seamless integration with Milestone’s video management system (VMS). According to the storage specialist, this creates an unlimited scalable platform that can be used for the central management of images from various physical locations. Cloudian’s storage density reduces total storage costs by up to 70 percent compared to a Tier 1 NAS and up to 47 percent compared to tape.

The system is capable of storing more than 9,000 days of 4K quality footage in a rack with a height of only 12U. The built-in metadata management functionality also makes it possible to quickly search and retrieve images.

Simple scale-out options

When users want to expand their storage capacity, this is easily possible up to one or more exabytes. Cloudian’s storage solution runs on standard servers, keeping costs low and the latest server and storage technologies delivering the highest density. The use of the integrated platform also makes it possible to provide support for the central management of camera images for various geographical regions. This also allows end users to store more data and make it instantly accessible at a lower cost than traditional NAS solutions.

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