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HyperBalance is now available. The load balancer helps organizations optimize storage infrastructure.

Cloudian is a storage management startup. Over the past few years, the company received more than $170 million in funding from investors to develop data management and backup solutions. The software runs both and on-premises in the cloud.

In addition to software, Cloudian is active in market for data center hardware. The company sells storage devices that are optimized for its software. According to Cloudian, the combination is much more cost-effective than traditional data center storage systems.

The company recently launched HyperBalance. The load balancer improves the performance of HyperStore, Cloudian’s hardware and software platform. Data requests are automatically distributed among storage systems to avoid bottlenecks.

HyperStore and HyperBalance

HyperStore runs on top of an organization’s storage infrastructure. The platform is a central management point for data stored in multiple cloud environments and on-premises systems. Applications no longer need to contact multiple locations to retrieve data, and can instead reach out to a central system.

HyperStore environments often consist of multiple storage systems. The new load balancer makes it possible to distribute the data requests from applications evenly among available systems. Ultimately, HyperStore operates more efficiently than before.

Without a load balancer, an organization risks bottlenecks. Storage systems are susceptible to failure when multiple applications send a large number of data requests in a short period of time. HyperBalance prevents bottlenecks by distributing the requests,


HyperBalance determines the optimal distribution by analyzing storage system performance. If a system fails, HyperBalance is one of the first to know. Storage systems and monitoring solutions are supposed to report on failures, but if an alert goes missing for whatever reason, HyperBalance still sends a signal. According to Cloudian, the load balancer easily scales along with storage capacity expansions.

Earlier this year, Cloudian launched HyperCare, a managed service for the company’s software and hardware. Customers don’t have to worry about updates and daily maintenance.

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