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Data insight company Collibra has acquired the American start-up OwIDQ. OwIDQ focuses on checking company data for possible errors.

OwIDQ is a company that uses machine learning to check company data for errors. Such errors can occur in companies that deal with large amounts of data on a daily basis. In order to provide correct information to the analysis tools that companies use, OwIDQ’s software checks it for errors.

Machine learning

Normally, such checks are performed using handwritten rules. OwIDQ’s software does it based on machine learning models, which should be more reliable and easier to set up. The software can detect duplicates and find differences between data stored in different places, SiliconANGLE writes. This could be useful in preventing errors during migrations to the cloud.

Data governance

Collibra is an originally Belgian company that focuses on making data transparent and manageable. Companies can use it, for example, to see where specific files in their systems have been created and by whom, and when modifications have been made to them. Moreover, rules can be instated to prevent abuse.

Belgian start-up

Collibra quickly grew into a major player in data governance and became the first Belgian start-up to exceed a value of 1 billion dollars. The company has since moved to the United States and is worth several billions. In 2019, the company acquired the Czech company SQLdep. It is not known how much the company paid for the acquisition of OwIDQ.