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ServiceNow, the digital workflow company, will allow customers to request their European data be hosted and handled exclusively within the bloc. The service is designed to help customers comply with the law, the expanded existing legal parameters, and technical safeguards that are in place for data handling and hosting.

It is known now that ServiceNow’s Irish office will play a pivotal role in overseeing this service. Subsequently, more than 80 new jobs will be created in an investment that will cost millions to facilitate, with customers allowed to opt into the service from early 2022, at no extra cost.


The jobs created will be in the EU, with locations to be announced. It is understood that a number of the roles could be in Ireland. Once the new service is operational, customers and partners will get support from EU-based teams, so they can make full use of the digital workflow platform.

Hosting it in the bloc and the cloud is important, to stay in compliance with laws and rulings that have hampered and even stopped Trans-Atlantic data sharing.

ServiceNow sees itself as a company taking the proactive route in helping customers and partners innovate.

The proactive approach

According to Mark Cockerill, the VP of legal, EMEA, and global head of privacy at ServiceNow, says that with regulation changes, some companies are waiting to see what will happen. However, he says that the digital workflow platform is taking the step to deliver an EU-centric model.

He projects that this will give the users peace of mind, especially when they are operating in a highly regulated environment where compliance is the name of the game.

The decision comes after the Schrems II decision left questions pending, concerning data flow between US-based tech companies and their EU-based operations.