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Boomi announces the upcoming introduction of Boomi Event Streams. The solution promises to further develop Boomi’s existing event-driven connectors, which allow the operations of an application to be automated based on events in another application.

Boomi delivers iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). The organization owes its existence to growing diversity in the applications on which businesses run. When these applications are able to exchange data with each other, the individual value increases. Think of processing customer data from a CRM application in a completely different customer service application.

Without an integration platform, the connection of systems is dependent on the development and maintenance of API scripts or the presence of prebuilt connectors. Both options are limited. The availability of a connector depends on the value others see in linking two systems. If that interest matches your organization’s interest, you’re in luck. If one of the two (or dozens of) applications to be linked is used by a small group, the chance of an available connector decreases — and you will have to do without. Said dependence is undesirable. The mutual availability of data in less popular applications can be just as valuable as in popular applications. The first-next alternative, API scripts, has its problems as well. Writing them yourself or outsourcing costs time and money. Skimping on one or the other paves the way for a sloppy connection, risking both security and functionality.

Developers of iPaaS address the problem. Boomi developers a platform for simplifying both homemade integrations and the use of connectors. API scripts give way to a low-code method for integrating applications of choice; connectors are developed, provided and maintained by Boomi and partners. The entire platform goes further, and includes solutions for connecting data silos, large-scale API management, and structuring data. While the aforementioned connectors and low-code integrations are on the surface, the surface is Boomi’s identity.

Boomi Event Streams

At the Out of This World 2021 conference, the organization announces an interesting introduction: Boomi Event Streams. The term refers to a new service of event-driven integrations. Boomi’s platform already provides event-driven connectors to perform an action in one application based on an event in another application: automation through a connector, and thus independent of the automation options offered by a given application. Although the exact content and release date of Boomi Event Streams are unknown at this time, the organization states that it “introduces a new, integrated event-driven architecture (EDA) service to scale hybrid IT environments at lightning speed, regardless of complexity.” We assume that Boomi is further betting on the aforementioned event-driven connectors.