Atos gives customers more control over data with OneCloud Sovereign Shield

Atos gives customers more control over data with OneCloud Sovereign Shield

Atos is introducing the Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield service as part of its OneCloud platform. In doing so, Atos aims to provide its customers with more control over their data.

Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield is primarily aimed at European companies who want to ensure that their cloud data complies with the correct legislation. The new service offers features around security, data exchange, data governance and compliance. It should help companies roll out various hybrid and multicloud strategies — especially when it comes to data segregation, infrastructure, applications, security and operations.

The Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield service consists of several separate components. BullSequana servers, the Trustway encryption portfolio, Evidian Identity and Access Management software, IDnomic Trusted Identities, Managed Detection & Response (MDR), and varying third-party services are included.

In addition, Atos works with regional parties to ensure the proper handling of data. Who these partners are will be announced at a later stage. Atos is also working closely with various public cloud and connectivity parties for more choices among suppliers. Said partners include Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, OVHcloud, VMware and Red Hat.

Secure and auditable

With OneCloud Sovereign Shield, Atos wants to guarantee that all data, including data in transition from the edge to the cloud, is managed in a secure and auditable manner. In other words: compliant with both customers’ requirements and (European) standards such as Gaia-X’ and the European Cybersecurity Scheme of European cybersecurity organization ENISA.

According to Atos, the solution is based on patents in the field of data protection and the expertise of its consultants and employees in different regions.


Atos Onecloud Sovereign Shield is available in several forms. Among others, there’s a customized version for companies with high demands on their sensitive data — for example, national defence ministries and departments. The solution is also suitable for deployment in a private cloud environment for better data segregation, in a regional or local public cloud environment immune to non-European access or a global, public cloud environment.