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Automation Anywhere acquires AI startup FortressIQ. With the acquisition, the RPA vendor aims to expand its knowledge of process discovery.

Process discovery is a step in robotic process automation to determine which business workflows need to be automated before deploying RPA bots. With the acquisition of FortressIQ, Automation Anywhere gains an AI platform that focuses on process discovery.

Time reduction

FortressIQ’s platform assists in process discovery. According to the organization, the time investment required is reduced by upwards of 90 percent. As a result, companies gain an overview of automation opportunities in weeks instead of months.

Virtual Process Analyst

FortressIQ’s Virtual Process Analyst platform uses AI to study how employees within companies interact with internal applications. The platform then analyzes this data, providing insights into the company’s business processes in question. These insights then identify tasks that can be handled more efficiently by RPA bots.

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