Xeneta acquires CLIVE Data Services to excel in the global freight market

Xeneta acquires CLIVE Data Services to excel in the global freight market

The air freight data analysis company will help Xeneta use its “dynamic load factor” and capacity analyses capabilities

The deal comes months after Xeneta announced its partnership with CLIVE B.V. to integrate its capabilities into Xeneta’s market analytics platform.

Acquisition season is still at an all-time high, and the recent developments have seen Xeneta AS acquiring CLIVE data services, an air freight data analyst company. Xeneta deals with airfreight and ocean benchmarking and offer a marketing intelligence platform.

CLIVE was founded in 2011 and aimed to improve commercial decision-making by collecting analytics in the air cargo industry. CLIVE had seen that the performance measures in the air cargo industry were misleading and created their platform to evaluate the sector properly.

How CLIVE is improving the market

CLIVE’s data analysis is based on the shipment and flight data collected directly from cargo airlines. This data is known as the “dynamic load factor.” The term, dynamic, comes from the way the data is collected. The data considers both volume utilization and air cargo shipments’ weight when assessing the load factor.

Xeneta AS believes that the global freight market has been through its most “dynamic period ever” in the last couple of years. As a result, the company has stated a high demand for timely data to help organizations deal with this volatile time. To meet this demand, Xeneta has acquired CLIVE to improve its current solutions and platforms.

What the future holds

Xeneta has been performing in the airfreight sector for years, and with this new acquisition, they hope to improve their processes. In addition, they believe that with the combined data services and industry expertise that both CLIVE and Xeneta have to offer, they will be the best solution that can provide clear and correct insights into the global freight market.

Xeneta has done well over the years, and this acquisition is just another step towards success in their struggle to be the best.