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Snowflake launched a data platform for retailers and manufacturers of packaged goods. As always, data storage and analysis set the tone.

The Retail Data Cloud combines Snowflake’s platform with industry-specific software and datasets. Retailers and manufacturers are provided with tools for transforming, storing and analyzing data.

One of the analytics features allows organizations to tweak prices based on demand. Various pre-built data source templates allow relatively quick deployment and integration.

Access to external data

Retail Data Cloud users have access to the external data of Snowflake’s various partners. Data includes weather forecasts and point-of-sale information. Among the partners are Cart.com, Nulogy, AccuWeather, Atlas Technologies Group and Catalina Marketing.

Snowflake goes industry-specific

The Retail Data Cloud is Snowflake’s fourth industry-specific data platform. Aside from retail, Snowflake develops a platform for financial service providers, media organizations and healthcare providers.