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Samsung and Western Digital (WD) are collaborating on standards for storage technology. The first step is an ecosystem for Zoned Storage solutions.

A standard allows systems and solutions to be supported by a wide range of vendors. End users can invest in technology without fearing vendor lock-in. The industry can focus on delivering true value and further development.

Samsung and WD set out to establish standards for storage technology. The partners start off by establishing an ecosystem for Zoned Storage, ultimately introducing the technology to a broader audience of businesses and cloud environments.

Zoned Storage initiatives

Samsung and WD will collaborate with the Storage Network Industry Association and the Linux Foundation to develop high-performance models and frameworks for new Zoned Storage technologies.

The newly founded Zoned Storage Technical Work Group will develop a means of implementing Zoned Storage in open data center architectures. This workgroup is to define and build general use cases for Zoned Storage devices, host architecture and programming models.

Further plans

At a later stage, the initiatives will be expanded to include emerging D2PF technologies. For instance, computational storage and storage fabrics, including NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF).

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