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Akamai launched a managed database service. The service is provided by Linode, a subsidiary and recent acquisition.

Akamai was founded in 1998. In its early years, the organization built a content delivery network (CDN). CDN providers operate data centres worldwide to push customer content to end users at high speeds. Though Akamai’s network is still in use, its offering has expanded in recent years. Multiple acquisitions led to a diverse portfolio of CDN, security and edge services.

Linode is one of the recent acquisitions. Akamai acquired the infrastructure-as-a-service provider in February for 790 million euros. Since, the acquisition led to a new service, Akamai Linode Managed Database. The managed database service supports MySQL. Support for PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB will follow in the next quarter.

Linode Managed Database

Database management is a necessity for every web application in a production environment. In the past, the task ended up on the desks of operations teams. Today, organisations look to developers. It’s up to them to develop, deploy and manage apps. Linode and Akamai’s service focuses on development teams of all sizes and backgrounds. Ease of use is central to the service. Users can automate database management without the technical hurdle that typically comes with it.

“Every web application needs a database”, said Will Charnock, Senior Director of Engineering at Akamai. “Being able to automate aspects of database management is critical for applications that need to be scalable, highly performant, and resilient.”

Linode plays leading role

According to Akamai, the service was designed based on customer feedback. After acquiring Linode, Akamai asked customers which service they would like to see next. Database management was frequently mentioned. Ultimately, Linode is the one providing the service to end users. Databases are hosted in one of eleven data centres worldwide.