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Akamai Technologies is acquiring infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider Linode for 790 million euros (900 million dollars). The CDN provider aims to offer the world’s largest distributed application platform with this acquisition.

By combining the technology of both companies, developers will have access to a complete distributed (cloud) platform for building, running and securing the latest generation of applications wherever these applications reside or run. By building and running applications on the platform, developers gain extensive capabilities for scaling, reach, performance, reliability and security.

IaaS specialist

Linode is an IaaS specialist and since its foundation in 2003 has always presented itself as an alternative to the major public cloud providers AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The IaaS vendor sees itself as an alternative for smaller companies that often find the services of the large public cloud providers too complex, applying some kind of vendor lock-in and often charging high fees. Linode aims to offer more simplicity at a lower price point.

With the Linode platform, these smaller users can more easily run applications in cloud environments and control and monitor everything via a simple API, command line interface and other tooling.

Other Acquisitions

Akamai plans to make the acquisition final at the end of the first quarter. The Linode acquisition is the second acquisition in a short time of the CDN provider. In September last year, the Israeli start-up Guardicore was acquired. This company offers a micro-segmentation platform for securing large corporate networks.