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Veeam has previewed Backup & Replication V12 at VeeamON. The new version comes with features for cloud, security and enterprises.

During the unveiling, CTO Danny Allan emphasized Veeam’s ability to securely backup and restore data in the hybrid cloud. “Veeam enables organizations to move to the cloud confidently and avoid lock-in with cloud mobility. That’s the definition of Modern Data Protection.”

Expansion of Modern Data Protection

To further expand Modern Data Protection, new features are coming to Backup & Replication. Version 12 allows direct writes to object storage and cloud-based agents. In addition, the new version makes it possible to apply immutability everywhere, which makes it much harder for hackers to access backups. Veeam says immutability leads to more control and protection. Recovery is faster following a ransomware attack.

There’s also a greater role for Kasten, Veeam’s Kubernetes data management platform. Kasten by Veeam K10 V5.0 offers additional approaches to Kubernetes security, including shift-left for data protection. More on that in our separate article.

Backup for Salesforce

Backup for Salesforce was announced during VeeamON as well. Veeam is already using the backup solution internally, but refrained from a public release until it was deemed good enough for customers. That moment has come. Due to the internal testing, the Salesforce backup product is said to be many versions beyond V1.

With Backup for Salesforce, Veeam promises control and flexibility. “Own your data, prevent backup and storage lock-in, and deploy your backup environment wherever you choose”, said Veeam. The Salesforce application is built for the CRM platform through native APIs. This allows companies to restore Salesforce records, fields, files and metadata. The new product should help protect against human error, integration issues and other common Salesforce data loss scenarios.

Microsoft 365

Finally, Veeam is releasing new monitoring and reporting capabilities for Backup for Microsoft. This is one of the most popular Veeam products for protecting Microsoft 365 data. Enterprise features are added through an integration with Veeam ONE, which intelligently keeps systems and infrastructure running.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 V7 provides greater visibility. Companies have a single view of all Microsoft 365 backup architecture and components. Furthermore, there are real-time alerts to quickly resolve data vulnerabilities.

Although an exact date is not yet been announced, the solutions are planned to be available this year.