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Qlik has recently launched Cloud Data Integration, an Integration as a Service platform for real-time access to data.

Cloud Data Integration helps users get real-time access to data from various systems, including relational databases, SAP software, mainframes and SaaS apps with data repositories like Snowflake Data Cloud, Azure Synapse, Google Big Query and Databricks.

The platform allows Qlik’s solutions to access data from all of these sources in real time, powering its analytics engine to offer business insights.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration

In order to give everyone in the company the ability to act with confidence based on data, Qlik Cloud Data Integration helps construct the real-time fabric between any data source, target and destination. With the announcement, Qlik has advanced from a business intelligence vendor to an integration service provider.

The company will aim to cross-sell the solution to existing customers that use Qlik analytics in conjunction with traditional data collection methods. It will be interesting to see whether data management companies will expand their platform by acquiring an analytics solution.

“Improving the access, real-time mobility, and enhanced transformation of data between sources and systems across the enterprise is important”, said Qlik Chief Product Officer James Fisher.

Big Squid and NodeGraph

Qlik Cloud Data Integration extends the Qlik analytics platform upstream. The solution combines some of the capabilities that Qlik gained by acquiring Big Squid (no-code automated machine learning) and NodeGraph (customizable metadata management). The announcement may increase interest in Qlik’s IPO, which was first announced back in January.