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Meta unveils the Quest 3 headset, beating Apple to the punch

Meta unveils the Quest 3 headset, beating Apple to the punch

Meta has officially unveiled its Quest 3 headset. Full details will be revealed at the Meta Connect event on September 27. However, the company couldn’t resist giving us a preview days before Apple’s highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where their own mixed-reality headset is expected to make its debut.

Meta promises a 40 percent slimmer optic profile than its predecessor, the Quest 2. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who got a sneak peek at a prototype, noted a sturdier strap and a physical interpupillary distance adjuster.

Meta is not holding back when it comes to performance either. It boasts double the GPU power of the Quest 2 thanks to a next-generation Snapdragon chip. Prepare for speedier experiences and enhanced visuals. The Quest 3’s controllers are getting a makeover, too, and now resemble the Quest Touch Pro.

What Meta sees happening

Meta is taking the mixed reality concept to the next level with Quest 3. They envision users playing virtual tabletop games on their actual tables or envisioning room makeovers using apps and the headset.

They claim the Quest 3 is their first “mass market offering to deliver both cutting-edge VR and MR experiences in a single device.”

The Quest 3 promises to intelligently understand and respond to the physical world around you. It achieves this with dual RGB cameras, a depth sensor, and a high-fidelity colour passthrough.

Meta’s Quest 3 may not directly compete with Apple’s forthcoming mixed-reality headset

Nevertheless, Meta has made a strategic move by unveiling its product before Apple’s announcement, ensuring its presence in the conversation. It’s a reminder that Meta has been at the forefront of mixed-reality endeavours for years, even though their headsets’ “killer app” has yet to be discovered.

In the ever-evolving virtual and mixed-reality landscape, Quest 3 is just the beginning. As enterprise-focused headsets also make their mark and leaks suggest more Meta headsets in the pipeline, it’s clear that the future holds exciting possibilities for immersive experiences.

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