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Lenovo introduced the ThinkReality VRX. Most virtual reality headsets are designed for consumers, but Lenovo wants to break into the business market. The ThinkReality VRX focuses on cybersecurity, cloud integrations and device management options.

At a glance, the ThinkReality VRX is similar to today’s most popular virtual reality (VR) headsets, including the Meta Quest and HTC Vive. The model offers six degrees of freedom (6DoF) while the lenses feature a pass-through setting to support mixed reality (MR) applications.

The headset has three modes. First, users can connect the model to a laptop or desktop. VR applications are booted on the external device and streamed to the headset. Second, the model is capable of running VR applications on its own. The integrated Snapdragon XR platform includes a CPU and GPU. Third, the model supports Nvidia CloudXR. The solution allows VR applications to be run on a remote server and streamed to the headset.

Lenovo designed the model for business users. Corporate VR applications such as training simulations require powerful hardware to run smoothly. As such, most users will use the headset in conjunction with desktops, laptops or Nvidia CloudXR, as the performance of an average server or high-end PC is much better than the integrated platform.

ThinkReality VRX

Although we haven’t mentioned any features that distinguish the ThinkReality VRX from popular consumer VR headsets up until this point, there are several key differences. The model comes with a built-in software platform that allows administrators to deploy and manage headsets at scale. The platform also allows for remote updates and performance monitoring.

In addition, Lenovo revealed that the model is supported by a “suite of end-to-end services”. The organization refers to the fact that customers can turn to Lenovo for assistance with cloud deployments, technical support and advice.

Finally, Lenovo stated that the model is secured with multiple measures. “The business VR solution supports enterprise-grade security practices with a secure supply chain and manufacturing process that thoroughly vets each component and service provider”, the organization said.


The ThinkReality VRX will become available to a select number of Lenovo partners in late 2022. General availability follows in early 2023. The price will be disclosed when the model launches.

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