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Less production of Apple Vision Pro possible due to complex design

Less production of Apple Vision Pro possible due to complex design

Apple is drastically lowering production plans for the Vision Pro. The headset’s complex design is reportedly scuttling plans.

Luxshare, the manufacturer of the Vision Pro, says it will be just short of developing 400,000 headsets for Apple next year, reports the Financial Times. Being the sole manufacturer of the devices, Apple will be forced to rethink its numbers.

False promise?

The giant previously announced its intention to sell 1 million headsets in the first 12 months after launch. However, new information casts doubt on whether Apple intended to keep its word. Two suppliers of components for the headset told Apple only requested parts to produce 130,000 to 150,000 devices in the first year.

Higher production numbers could not be achieved due to Vision Pro’s complex design, combined with difficulties in production.

Postponement of cheaper alternative

Several involved in manufacturing further admit that a cheaper variant of the Vision Pro already cannot launch within a short time. The headset that Apple announced at WWDC 2023 will carry a price tag of $3,499, making the product not accessible to everyone. The limited edition of the device further complicates matters.

In the meantime, Apple already released an SDK for developers, allowing the headset to launch with a solid repertoire of apps. The headset will run on the visionOS operating system, which hopefully contains less complexity.