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OnePlus is demonstrating a feature for using smartphones hassle-free in the rain. The feature would for a big part be dependent on an algorithm designed by OnePlus itself.

OnePlus is demonstrating “Rain Water Touch,” a feature for still being able to use a wet touchscreen. This would be possible through the combination of a special chip and a specially designed algorithm, reports 9to5Google.

Rain causes screens to get an input overload. This is because a touchscreen captures the electrical signals given off by a human hand to detect where the hand is. Rain gives off the same signals, and this causes the problem.

Working in the rain

The feature can be useful for open construction sites that must also endure rainy days, as well as for emergency services and police keeping an eye on things like festivals. On sunny days, then, Rain Water Touch can prove itself useful for lifeguards. Restaurants will also benefit from the improvement, as the feature says it also improves screen functionality when used with wet hands.

In all likelihood, we can expect the feature in new OnePlus models for Europe. The scoop goes to the Ace 2 Pro, which comes out for the Chinese market tomorrow. Parent company Oppo will undoubtedly include the feature in upcoming devices as well.