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More AI, new Surfaces expected during Microsoft’s September 21 event

More AI, new Surfaces expected during Microsoft’s September 21 event

Microsoft has sent out invitations for a “special event” on September 21 in New York. The company hasn’t shared any further details, but it can be assumed that there will be major announcements made. AI en new hardware appear to be on the agenda.

Microsoft revealed its new Surface laptops in October last year, whereas in years prior it did so in September. The Surface Go 4, Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Laptop Go 3 are expected to make an appearance. Insiders say these should all be available in the autumn. As soon as the specs are revealed, it will be easy to tell where they will land performance-wise. This is because all Intel and Nvidia hardware onboard is already out there. According to XDA Developers, the Surface Laptop Go 3 won’t be getting the most cutting-edge among Intel’s CPUs as it will likely be fitted with a 12th gen i5.

A smaller portfolio, but more AI on the horizon?

CEO Satya Nadella told employees earlier this year that Microsoft will no longer be selling proprietary mice, keyboards en webcams. On that front, there are plenty of alternatives anyway, so the end user won’t notice all that much from this change of course.

In terms of AI, there is much to look forward to. Microsoft struck a billion-dollar deal with OpenAI earlier this year and has since equipped its entire 365 suite with AI Copilots based on technology from that company. For that reason, we can assume there will be expansions on this front, while it reportedly plans to offer AI services through the Azure Marketplace in partnership with Databricks.

In any case, much is already known about what Microsoft is planning with the big Windows update: Windows 11 23H2. We wrote an extensive piece about that earlier.

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