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Lenovo has showcased a transparent Micro-LED display for laptops during MWC 2024. The proof-of-concept device containing it is known as the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept. In addition, Lenovo also introduced a range of new business AI laptops based on Intel Core Ultra processors.

During Mobile World Congress, the large annual telecom event in Barcelona, Lenovo introduced a new laptop concept with a transparent display. It’s a ThinkBook laptop with a borderless transparent 17.3-inch Micro-LED screen. The laptop also features a transparent keyboard and an “almost floating” footpad design.

The laptop concept is specifically designed to integrate AI with displays. Using Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC), the transparent screen offers new creative opportunities for collaboration and efficiency. It does this by facilitating interaction between physical objects and overlapping digital information. Through the transparent screen, this information naturally integrates with the physical environment.

Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro - recensie - xiaomi redmi note 5 pro - recensie.

By working with AI in this way, users will soon be able to interact with data and applications in new ways. This also offers new features and form factors. Here, the Micro-LED technology of the 17.3-inch screen should offer the highest sharpness and brightness.

This Lenovo ThinkBook laptop is still a proof-of-concept version and not yet in production. Similar impressive -but not yet mass-producible- innovations from major hardware makers have appeared every year at shows such as CES and MWC.

New series of ThinkPad and ThinkBook AI laptops

In addition to the new laptop concept, Lenovo presented a series of business ThinkPad and ThinkBook laptops that enable optimal AI use in the workplace. These are the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 5, T14s Gen 5, T16 Gen 3, X12 Detachable Gen 2 and the Lenovo ThinkBook 14 2-in-1 Gen 4 laptops.

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These business laptop series are based on the latest Intel Core Ultra processors, designed for easier running of various AI solutions and applications. The ThinkPad T14 Gen 5 business AI laptop is also the only new model that can be equipped with an AMD Ryzen 8040-series processor with built-in AMD AI functionality. With the latter option, Lenovo wants to offer customers more choices in terms of opting for their desired high-performance CPUs.

De lenovo thinkpad x1-laptop is open op een wit oppervlak.

Other functionalities for this new generation of business AI laptops from Lenovo include various AI hardware for tasks to be performed, as well as additional security and a Communications bar for all the various communication tools and opening and closing the laptops. Also, a specific Copilot key makes its first appearance at Lenovo.

Additionally, the laptops are easier to repair, and various parts such as the battery, DIMM design, SSD or WWAN can now be replaced more easily. There are also now visual indicators for more straightforward repairs. The company hopes these initiatives will extend the life of the laptops.

Other introductions

Furthermore, Lenovo also introduced a new mobile display, an advanced dedicated laptop backpack and various software tools during MWC 2024 in Barcelona.

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