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ASUS presents servers and storage focused on HPC and AI

ASUS presents servers and storage focused on HPC and AI

ASUS’ new server and storage offerings feature hardware from Intel, AMD and Nvidia. Data-intensive workloads, high efficiency and robust security are spearheads of the introduced products.

Two servers, the RS700-E12 and RS720-E12, are already equipped with the just-announced Intel Xeon 6 chips. Also debuting is the VS320 SAN storage solution, which is intended for demanding HPC and AI workloads. The new hardware is on display at Computex 2024 in Taipei.


The new servers feature a modified design to meet new data center requirements. For example, they are modular in nature and focused on upgradeability, should a new AI accelerator be available, for example. Also, the servers can handle more heat/consumption than before, much needed considering that Xeon 6 can consume up to 500 watts and GPUs are not economical in this area either. The new ASMBB12-iKVM also adds out-of-band management and additional security.

ASUS touts that it does not stop at hardware when it comes to its own server portfolio. For example, ASUS AI Foundry Services software has been deployed for HPC projects for years, mostly in conjunction with ASUS Data Center Solutions. In doing so, the company promises to offer servers as a complete package, not just the discrete hardware.

Storage for HPC and AI

Demanding workloads have also become increasingly dependent on storage. In this regard, the VS320D series of SAN storage products are a new offering from ASUS. There is a choice of the VS320-RS12 and VS320-RS26, with 10.8 petabytes or 16.7 petabytes as the maximum, respectively. Both variants can be controlled via ASUS Storage Manager, including for backups and to control disk allocation.

The new products are available worldwide at servers.asus.com.

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