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Qualcomm has created software to improve the audio on mobile devices. This specifically concerns audio that is transmitted wirelessly. The software, called aptX Adaptive, should be available for Android devices in the first half of 2019.

The software is an updated version of the company’s aptX codec, which is used by many Android devices for wireless audio streaming. The software is sold under two licenses to hardware manufacturers. There is a standard edition and an HD version that can send higher quality sound.

Optimize sound

The new software must combine these two versions in one package, reports Silicon Angle. This new codec gains access to the power of a wireless connection, but can also automatically adjust the sound quality to optimize the experience.

For example, if a user listens to a podcast in a room with many other wireless signals, the sound is compressed to support the weaker connection. Streams can be reduced to 280 kilobits per second, which is much less than the speed of the original version of aptX.

However, the software is also capable of sending the audio with a bit rate of 420 kilobits per second. However, that is below the speed of the HD edition of the original version, which came out at 576 kilobits per second. However, the codec now has the ability to adjust the bitrate to any level between the lowest and highest speed, to support the conditions of the connection.


The latency for various applications will also be improved. For example, a podcast has fewer network delays than a video, where the sound has to keep pace with the images. This is where aptX Adaptive adapts itself to.

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