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eBay has unveiled a new technology that allows people with disabilities to control their devices by moving their heads. The technology called HeadGaze uses Apple’s ARKit and the iPhone X camera to do so.

HeadGaze follows the movements of the user’s head so that it is possible to navigate the screen without using the hands. The system activates a virtual stylus so that users can point to different places on the screen. It is also possible to activate preset buttons, reports ZDNet.

According to eBay itself, the technology is designed so that developers can easily integrate it into existing or future apps without changing too much code. HeadGaze is now open source available through GitHub.

The technology is not only useful for people with disabilities, but also for people who do not want to use their hands for a while. This can be done during cooking, for example, if the user’s hands are dirty and the recipe needs to be scrolled through.


This year, eBay has already made several announcements about new technologies. For example, last month the company made a series of API updates available, designed to create better experiences for customers.

Last week, the company announced that it had created its own servers to improve its information technology infrastructure. The servers are already being used within the company to make new technologies available to build an in-house AI engine. Developers can use this to create new products and experiences for customers.

The server designs will be made open source by the end of the year.

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