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Nest today introduces the Nest Thermostat E, a smart thermostat for the European market that is also cheaper and easier to install. Although the thermostat is no better or worse than the well-known Nest Learning Thermostat, it has a different design.

The introduction of the Nest thermostats went quite smoothly in the beginning because several energy companies supplied them with free installation. By now, this action has become much less popular. The Nest Learning Thermostat including installation currently costs about 388 euros. A hefty price. At Nest, they must have thought it could be cheaper.

In addition, most thermostats were still more focused on the American than the European market. With the Nest Thermostat E this is finally changing. This new smart thermostat still consists of a so-called Heat Link and a separate thermostat, but the Heat Link no longer needs to be placed next to the boiler. Instead, the Heat Link has been given an inconspicuous design and is placed on the wall where the user’s thermostat is now located. That’s what it looks like.

The separate thermostat comes with a standard and built-in WiFi module, so that it can connect directly to the Internet. The thermostat can then be placed anywhere in the house, but this will usually be in the living room. Nest recommends that you place the thermostat where you want it to be pleasantly warm.

The design of the Nest Thermostat E has also been changed compared to the Nest Learning Thermostat. No longer a metal ring, but more plastic has been used. The thermostat is mainly white and the screen is also equipped with special glass (frost display) so that it is less conspicuous when stand by. The whole goal is to make the thermostat as invisible as possible.

In addition, a standard heating scheme is loaded with the average in Europe. What the European likes is loaded as standard. When asked if there is not a big difference between the Netherlands and Spain, we were told that the desired temperature in the house largely matches.

The newer functions, such as having a good average temperature to heat the house as economically as possible, are also built into this thermostat. There is also support for both OpenTherm and On/Off. For Nest it doesn’t matter which mode you use, but the company that OpenTherm basically ensures a longer life of your boiler.

We ourselves had the problem that we combined underfloor heating with radiators, which is a fairly unique situation for Nest for which they have no solution. They can only solve that with two zones, and for that you have to renovate your heating system considerably. According to Nest, it’s too rare for them to be in the same group together. In the Netherlands, however, this has been quite popular for some time.

The new Nest Thermostat E is 43% cheaper and will cost EUR 219 and will be available by mid-October.

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