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Apple and Samsung get fine for slower phones from Italian competition authority

Apple and Samsung get fine for slower phones from Italian competition authority

The Italian competition authority fined Apple and Samsung €5 million each. This was after complaints came in about software updates from the two smartphone manufacturers. The updates make smartphones slower and that should not be possible according to the competition authority. Apple will also receive a fine of five million euros.

That’s what news agency Reuters is reporting today. Italian consumer organisations complained that software updates for mobile phones reduced the functionality of devices, forcing customers to buy new devices. The Italian competition authority found that the associations were right and therefore imposes a fine.

Significantly lower performance

The competition authority states that the two companies release firmware updates with serious errors, which significantly reduce performance. In doing so, the companies would accelerate the process of replacing the devices. In addition, according to the Authority, customers were not given sufficient information about the impact of the new software, or any means of restoring the original functionality of the products.

Apple acknowledged last year that iPhone updates would slow down some phones with battery problems. At the same time, it firmly denied that it has taken steps to deliberately slow down the phone so that it can be replaced more quickly. The updates for iPhones were released after it appeared that the battery functioned less quickly than expected.

Apple also received a second fine of five million euros for failing to provide customers with enough information on how to maintain and replace the battery of smartphones. Samsung’s software updates and the possible slowing down of phones had not been complained about before. However, Samsung has been charged by several authorities worldwide with the slow release of software updates and the short period of time in which phones receive new software.

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