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Many complaints about new interface Google Chrome

Many complaints about new interface Google Chrome

Many end users complain about the latest 71 interface of the Google Chrome browser. This is what ZDnet has stated on the basis of, among other things, an extensive social media study. Especially not being able to return to an older version of the operating system causes a lot of displeasure.

The article shows that the criticism on the interface of the Chrome browser as originated with the release of the 69 version in September of 2018. The 69-version was the first roll-out to focus completely on mobile-first. Many end users apparently didn’t like this version, but were able to return to an older version via the flags button. With the last release of the browser in December 2018, this return to an older version is no longer possible.

Poor operation on laptops and desktops

Another important criticism of the latest Chrome interface is that, because of the emphasis on mobile first, the browser works worse on laptops and PCs. The lighter colour and round windows make it harder to see individual windows and therefore more difficult to distinguish them from each other when multiple windows in the browsers are open at the same time. End users therefore complain that it is more difficult for them to distinguish the various windows at a glance and therefore to be limited in their work.

Storm on social media channels

All these developments have now aroused the wrath of end users. According to the techsite, social media channels such as Reddit and Twitter are particularly critical of the latest developments regarding the update of the browser.

Reaction from Google

In a reaction, Google developers indicate that they advise end users to switch to a different browser. According to them, it is not advisable to return to an older version of the Chrome browser, especially from security points of view.

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