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Despite previous information on licensing issues, only recently leaked emails now suggest that a disagreement over access to software may be at the root of the sour relationship between Qualcomm and Apple.

Leaked emails provide new insight into the break between Apple and Qualcomm. In the margins of an antitrust case against Qualcomm that is currently being fought in the US Federal Trade Commission, a lot of new information about the struggles between the chip manufacturer and the telephone manufacturer comes to light.

In the mails as described by Bloomberg we read an exchange between Jeff Williams, COO of Apple, and Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm. In the mail Williams requests access to Apple software. Engineers would need those to develop the new iPhones. Qualcomm was concerned about the security of the patented software, but Williams was concerned that Apple would do everything in its power to isolate the developers in a secure way. He also thinks that it would not be possible to leak valuable information on the basis of the code in question.

No deal

Mollenkopf was willing to give Apple the requested access, but only if the latter agreed to use Qualcomm modems in at least 50 percent of its iPhones over the next two years. Eventually, the deal, which weighed two billion dollars, jumped all the way off. Qualcomm did not want to sell any more to Apple, which was forced to buy all its components from Intel. Qualcomm then accelerated the legal problems between its ex-partner by accusing the iPhone manufacturer of using its software to improve the Intel hardware.

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