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Sun little every device in the office is smart. Although: printers could be smarter. Companies haven’t done much with it yet. With the exception of HP, which has released a new printer for a new generation on the Dutch market. The Tango is designed around the smartphone and makes the use of printers especially flexible.

HP does this with its Instant Ink subscription service, among other things. Instant Ink ensures that you never run out of ink. After registering for the subscription service, HP will automatically order ink. That way, HP Instant Ink eliminates frustration and saves you a trip to the store for new ink.

More information about Instant Ink can be found here

Of course, it is already possible to print documents with various printers using your smartphone. But that’s not really a smart functionality. The Tango does bring one with it: you can connect via the mobile Tango app. This means that you can print from anywhere in the office.

The HP Tango

The HP Tango is one of the most app-centric printers on the market. Most printers connect to a computer or Macbook. But the Tango uses your smartphone for its connection and all the data. The printer will let you know by phone if new ink is needed, for example.

And just like any other smart device, the HP Tango can also be managed and controlled with your voice. You can use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.

The HP Tango also looks quite striking. The printer doesn’t even look very much like a printer, but it has a fairly modern design and could easily be seen as a large version of the Google Home speaker.

The HP Tango is available at several webshops for 149 euro. Apps for both Android and iOS are available. If you also want a cover at the printer, you can order the HP Tango X for about 199 euros.

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