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Computer manufacturer Lenovo is lobbying over HP Inc. and may call itself the world’s largest PC manufacturer for the second quarter of this year. Lenovo achieves that place in a market that is again growing cautiously.

The PC market is growing, and Lenovo is reaping the most rewards from this. That is the conclusion reached by both Gartner and IDC. The market is estimated to have grown 1.5 percent in the second quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter, and 4.5 percent compared to Q2 2018. Windows 10 is the main catalyst for growth. Especially the renewal of the business laptop fleet is good for the turnover. With the end of Windows 7 support in sight, organizations are looking at a renewal of both hardware and software.

In addition, the CPU deficit is decreasing due to the limited production capacity of Intel. The chip manufacturer still doesn’t have things in order, but it looks like the worst is over. Gartner also notes that the shortage has certainly not been to the detriment of the major PC manufacturers. They were usually able to obtain the necessary chips, while smaller OEMs were the victims.

Lenovo champion

The big players are traditionally HP Inc, Lenovo and Dell. HP is usually the largest, but in Q2, Lenovo will have 25 percent of the market share. HP follows 22.2 percent, with Dell accounting for 16.9 percent of total sales. Apple, Acer and Asus all get five to six percent. The figures include desktops and laptops, including hybrids such as Microsoft’s Surface or HP’s Elite x2. Chromebooks or tablets such as the iPad do not count.

IDC notes that Lenovo is in the lead because it has won a number of important and large international tenders. The Chinese laptop builder, for example, is allowed to supply the equipment for the Indian ELCOT. In addition, Lenovo has shipped more aircraft than usual to the channel in an effort to avoid any additional American rates. Such shipped devices are also included in the figures.

Windows 10

The fact that the PC market is once again on an upward trend is demonstrated by the success of Windows 10 and its more creative form factors. The market was in a state of stagnation for a long time due to the lack of an incentive to upgrade. Increasingly beautiful, slimmer and more versatile devices, also in the business segment, make it again attractive to purchase new devices.

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