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Lenovo decided to certify all of its ThinkStation and ThinkPad P-series workstations for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and the business version of the Linux distribution, Ubuntu. Both versions of the operating system will be fully supported, according to the hardware and infrastructure provider.

The most important reason to embrace RHEL and Ubuntu LTS is that these operating systems are often used by application developers and data scientists.

They often install the open-source operating systems on the workstations provided by the employer themselves. This can potentially result in unstable systems. By pre-installing these operating systems upfront, developers and data scientists can be sure that they have stable platforms at their disposal, Lenovo says.

Complete Support

In addition to an installation of either RHEL or Ubuntu LTS, the Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkPad P-series will continue to receive full end-to-end support, such as security patches, updates to better protect hardware drivers, firmware and bios optimisations.

For Red Hat’s enterprise OS end-users, Lenovo is also starting a pilot project with a pre-installed Fedora image on the ThinkPad P53 and P1 Gen2 systems. With this, the vendor would also like to connect to the open-source community for this Linux distribution.

Not the only RHEL provider

Lenovo is not the only hardware vendor offering an open-source business system like RHEL. Dell and HP also offer RHEL distributions on a variety of workstations, ranging from laptops to fixed workstations.