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Notebook sales in Q2 soared: Lenovo and HP claimed 50% of the market

Notebook sales in Q2 soared: Lenovo and HP claimed 50% of the market

Work is now done more from home than ever, due to the pandemic a lot of people are working from home. To make this possible a lot of notebooks were sold in the last quarter.

According to a survey by Strategy Analytics, both businesses and consumers pushed global notebook sales up by 27% in the second quarter. Companies needed to give their employees a way to work from home. For consumers buying a laptop is the most affordable and convenient way to combine entertainment and work on one device.

At the top of the list, with the highest number of sales, are Lenovo and HP. Combined, they constituted half of all notebook sales.

A drop and a resurgence

IDC and Gartner, both research firms, reported that PC sales were surging in Q2, after the drop caused by Covid-19 in Q1. The new survey is paying close attention to the sale of notebooks in particular.

Eric Smith is the director of Connected Computing for Strategy Analytics. He said that the biggest surprise of Q2 was the high demand generated by consumers looking for devices to use in work, study, or playing games, even with the economic winds shifting.

In particular, gaming has proven to be one of the most effective distractions in a world where isolation is a way of life.

Lenovo had the most sales

Chromebooks, in particular, experienced the most demand from schools looking to support their e-learning plans. Google, in response to the surge in Chromebook sales, released new tools for app developers. The tools help them to do all the work on one device without switching from the Chromebook to another device.

They can build, test, and deploy everything in a Chromebook.

Lenovo sales grew by 17% to hit 13.6 million shipments, while HP sales grew by 42% year-over-year to hit 13.4 million shipments. Lenovo now has a 25% market share with HP following closely at 24.8% market share. Dell follows in the third place with 8,4 million shipments and 15,6% market share.